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ERP Software

Firms thrive when they have a company-specific focus on present and future business strategies and processes – increasingly, IT is an integral piece of that strategic development. Appsoft analyses the present state of a company, working together with the organization to defining goals for a relevant economic IT and communications landscape. Then we examine the feasibility of implementation and explain the steps and actions needed to carry out the work.

Depending on your needs, we can also just or in addition offer programmers, software engineers, IT architects and consultants to help implement customized projects that require competent and motivated employees, whether onsite or remotely. We make sure those we choose work well within your organization, fitting your team and company’s personally.

Rapid process changes are part of the market and part of daily business. Whether, and to what extent, organizations and leaders are capable of responding to these changes using targeted management determines their success. Thus, it is more important than ever that organizations rely on competent guidance for upcoming changes.

heckerconsult supports organizations and individuals with its experience and knowledge. It does so by pointing out their strengths and competence, offering help in solving short and long term issues, visualizing alternative courses of action and installing changes effectively when needed.

Portfolio Management Consultation

PR means finding the right matter for the right target group – and credibly placing it at the right time through the right channel. Today, the majority of any target group can be reached digitally. The Internet and the fields of social and mobile communication have become important tools for PR, both as message multipliers and as a communication platform.

heckerconsult helps companies successfully place their products and services in the digital marketplace. A profound communication concept is the prerequisite for successful implementation. We develop customized strategies and creative concepts, ensuring proper positioning.

experience interacting with software companies who have unique characteristics, we offer a specialised consulting service aimed at these companies needs. Using our know-how, our database and contacts and our professional, trusted partners, we can offer all implementation and execution services.

We help you to position your product for strategic development and growth, with a focus on market and sales.

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