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The full functionality of Appsoft Hosted ERP is available with Appsoft Cloud:


Hosted in an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) environment, also referred to as on-demand. The IaaS business model delivers software via a provider that hosts and manages the software, licenses the software on a subscription basis and enables users to access the software through the Internet.

As an IaaS provider, Appsoft hosts your virtual machine and manages the underlying equipment, providing storage and other resources as needed. You remain in control of the software and whatever applications, data and operating systems you put on the infrastructure.


Appsoft Cloud is a single tenant offering, allowing each customer to maintain and control the timing of their upgrades.


Customers sign up for a minimum 12-month period and pay a monthly subscription to use the service. This includes the infrastructure and management but excludes the Appsoft software.

On-going Support

Support for infrastructure-related issues is provided as part of the monthly subscription. For application support, a customer can elect to sign a support contract with a Appsoft Channel Partner or a local Appsoft office.

Any upgrades are handled by Appsoft or Service Provider and these are included in the monthly subscription fee

Access to Appsoft ERP via the Internet

Easy addition of new users and new sites whenever and wherever needed

Upgrades to the latest version of Appsoftwhen you are ready

You license the software from Appsoft so there is an upfront software license cost and an annual software maintenance payment

You rent the hardware and pay a monthly hardware rental

All services needed to run your software application, such as backups, managing support desk and upgrades, are provided and included in the monthly services fee

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